Instruction For Mutation of Properties Falls Within Inside Notified Bazar Area.

  1. The applicant should be submitted prescribed notice U/S 73 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 (available in this office) alongwith attested copies of following documents.
    • CNIC
    • Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Fard/GLR, Lease Deed, Heirship Certificate, Court orders or any other titled document
  2. After necessary scrutiny of titled documents and publication of advertisement in atleast two national daily newspapers at the cost of applicant, the case will be placed before the Bazar Committee / Board for approval.
  3. After approval of Board, mutation letter will be issued to applicant.

Note: Without depositing outstanding dues of Property Tax, Water Charges, Sewerage Charges, Conservancy Charges, Lease Rent etc, no application / notice will be entertainable by this office.




Procedure For Monitoring and Control of Construction Activities



  • Building checkers are responsible to maintain daily progress register in which they submit daily progress on construction activities within the areas of their responsibilities.
  • Building Checkers are responsible to inspect the buildings at the DPC level and take pictures of site and added into the site inspection / daily progress register to ensure the construction as per approved building plan.